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Virtual CTO Services

​Improvising your IT development can be a costly mistake. Get the most out of your IT investments with a seasoned IT professional ready to join your team, analyze your ecosystem, plan your IT strategy and execute efficiently


  • Lower the cost of having a full-time CTO 

  • Provide access to a wide talent pool of global professionals

  • Scale your tech strategy based on current trends, needs, and budget

  • Facilitate the hiring process and achieve a higher employee success rate

  • Reduce onboarding and training time

Technology Leadership

  • IT consulting services

  • Definition of short & long term IT strategy

  • Business-aligned & goal-oriented management

  • ROI-focused advisory on IT budget allocation

  • Define & monitor peak performance KPIs

IT Project Delivery & Management

  • Management and oversight of IT projects

  • Coordination of project launch/deployment 

  • Spearhead complex IT undertakings 

  • Develop project monitoring plans

  • Project implementation and/or integration

Technology Analysis

  • Carry out comprehensive IT audit

  • Develop IT guidelines

  • Evaluate tech from extensive IT assessment

  • Recommend preferred technology options

  • Prevent software inefficiency (bloatware)

  • Reduce risk & increase resilience

Technology Roadmap

  • Outlining of technology plan

  • Goal-focused maintenance of plans

  • Optimize operational process productivity

  • Monitor deployments & releases

  • Control timelines & plan lifecycles

  • Delineate KPI's 

  • Conduct regular checkups

  • Lead peak performance tests

  • ROI-focused tech set-up

Business Continuity

  • Vital information safeguarding 

  • Security provisioning

  • Disaster recovery of lost data

  • Design business continuity plans

  • Elaborate contingency plans

Neutral Vendor/Software Analysis

  • Assessment of technical specifications

  • Tender & SLA dissection analysis 

  • Contract negotiation tactics

  • Design future-proof, scalable IT infrastructure

Technology Integration

  • Assimilation of third-party tech into the internal IT ecosystem

  • Optimize efficiency through project integration

  • Design unified zero-downtime protocols

  • Ensure stable & constant flow of data

  • Enable 24/7 remote access

 Solution Determinations

  • Available programs for small, medium & large businesses

  • Data-gathering for data-driven decision making

  • Adoption of avant-garde tech standards

  • Validation of regulative compliance

  • Cost-centered approach

Cloud Strategy

  • Advice on cloud-selection methodology 

  • Migration of third-party cloud services

  • Improve essential data handling

  • Development of risk control strategy & data backup

  • Management of single or multi-tenant cloud platforms

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